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Miss World Betting

Miss World Betting

Emerging from the time-space-sexism continuum in tact, the famous, iconic Miss World beauty pageant is still very much alive and kicking, in spite of the occasional rumblings and vocal lobbying by the Women's Lib, who to this day feel that it's more than a slight on women's rights and should be buried deep in a time capsule, labelled 1970s. Not that cyclical kerfuffles instigated by feminists and/or the political correctness brigade have stopped (or spoilt) the online entertainment betting community continuing to detract much pleasure (and supplementary income) from what officially stands as the world's oldest surviving international beauty pageant.

Indeed, year on year, Miss World betting markets researched, compiled and uploaded onto the website of the leading internet bookmakers out there grab plenty of interactive punters' attentions in the lead up to the big event itself. In essence Miss World betting centres around the outright win book, although each-way Betting (top three or four finishers) can be flagged up by the virtual bookies who traditionally offer a dedicated Miss World betting section within their online presence. Like for example Bet365, Paddy Power and Boylesports, who all front active and regularly revised odds and prices on Miss World eventualities a couple of months before the competition comes into its own.


Miss World 2017

But what of the Miss World history, and its place in the social fabric of the 21st Century? For that we have to delve a bit deeper into the ether. Although Miss World's acknowledgement and appeal is universal as its name implies, its rather humble roots lie much closer to home for those native of the UK. Englishman Eric Morley founded and created what grew to become the Miss World competition as we know it in 1951, having already masterminded the introduction of ballroom dancing to our TV screens as of 1948, with the advent of the BBC's 'Come Dancing' show; the predecessor of you know what, hosted by Sir Bruce Forsyth.

With reference to Miss World though, Morley was instrumental in bringing key elements of the traditional British seaside resort beauty contests into the realms of established Mecca dance halls, that were situated in many of Britain's major towns and cities; by adopting a fashion show aspect to the entertainment-based proceedings. The first competition as such coincided with the Festival of Britain and was generally well-received, but the concept and grander scale commercial viability of the Miss World concept was physically put into practice properly when America suddenly launched its Miss Universe contest. In answer to this Morley ensured that his brainchild would be an annual event, to be staged at the Royal Albert Hall in London every November, with it being first broadcast in 1959.

Miss World 2018

Global Charities Benefit From Miss World Organization Interests

In its 1970s and 1980s heyday, Miss World was watched by a terrestrial TV audience in the region of 27.5 million, yet was habitually frowned upon by protesters who ensured their vote was registered by regular high profile actions that were guaranteed to gain them column inches in the press at the time. Best illustrated by bombarding 1970 compère, Bob Hope, with flour bombs to help voice their disapproval. Exchanges like this led Morley to retort far more discreetly by suggesting that, “if it is shameful to women, then the best thing they can do is turn it off”. In an attempt to meet Miss World opponents half-way, Morley engineered other disciplines for the contestants to be judged on, so as to place less emphasis on the notorious bathing costume rounds of the competition, such as poise, talent, facial beauty, deportment, personality and figure, alongside of their ability to be interviewed.

Miss World 2019

Sadly from a broadcasting perspective,the Miss World beauty pageant fell out of favour in the PC-obsessed late 1980s and as a result was banished from our TV sets here in the UK, until in 1998 Channel 5 brought it back to a British TV network. The year before the show had attracted a global TV audience of 2.5 billion viewers, spread across 155 countries, proving that Miss World was still relevant and obviously entertaining to large sections of the world's communities.

New Miss World Entrance Formats Focus On Would-Be Contestants Sports Prowess

In terms of the Miss World competition itself, so-called fast-track events had been devised and adopted during preliminary rounds staged by every country who has a license to enter the Miss World competition that year, so as to determine the eventual delegate to represent that particular country. Such specific Miss World-primed events include; Beach Beauty, Miss Talent, Miss Sports, Beauty With A Purpose, Top Model, People's Choice, Personality and Contestant's Choice; all of which help to sort the wheat from the chaff and proffer requirements that streamline the ultimate selection process. This all hangs of course on the proviso that all candidates under consideration by their respective countries have fulfilled the basic criteria set by the Miss World Organization; being that they don't possess a criminal record, have been provided with an education, are of good moral character, are of an appropriate height, can converse to a certain degree in the mother tongue of the nation they're seeking to represent, have not given birth and have benefited from a sound religious upbringing.

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Looking back through the pantheons of Miss World history, and with five representatives to their name, both India and Venezuela hold the record for countries producing the most Miss World winners, with the United Kingdom in second place having produced 4 previous victors, whilst next in the table we discover that Iceland, Jamaica and Sweden have given Miss World three winners since its inception. Europe as a continent lead the way in terms of land mass having prospered 24 Miss World winners, whilst the Americas have afforded us 13 in the same period of time elapsed.